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About Casey Charles

A Musical Journey


Meet Casey👇🏼!
Casey has been playing music almost his entire life. He is self taught at playing piano, bass, drums, & guitar.
Casey was 13 years old when he played in the City Limits band along with his mother. He has played in many bands throughout his life. His love for music led him to Nashville where he lived on & off for 15 years playing at different places along music row.
Casey is a songwriter & enjoys recording music in his personal music studio.
In his free time he likes to work with guitars & PA systems. He records music doing all the parts himself. He is his own band...
Casey has professionally recorded three of his songs in a studio and has recorded many in his home studio.... He is still currently writing songs...
Casey lives in Dovesville SC with his wife Kimmie

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Casey Charles: Born To Play

A Passionate Musician

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Casey Charles: Born To Play

A Passionate Musician

They say music is the language of the soul. It’s certainly true for Casey Charles. Casey was playing with a childs piano when he was 18 months old.  Music is his passion and was once told " If you are going to play you might as well play it all".  Those words came in handy as Casey can be his own band and record everything by himself.

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